Homemade Date-Syrup (Plant-Based)

Homemade Date-Syrup (Plant-Based)

Today I’m making a Dr Greger recipe.


Homemade Date-Syrup (Plant-Based)


1 ½ cups/15 dates (pitted)

1 cup of water


1 tsp lemon/lemon juice


1- Bring water to a boil.

2- Coverand soak the dates in the boiled water for 1-3 hours.

3- Add the dates & the water to a food processer. Process until you have a smooth texture. Fill in a jar with a lid.


To extend the expiry date add a piece of lemon/lemon juice to the blender. However, then you can’t use the syrup for plant milks, since the acid will turn the milk into buttermilk. The lemon-free date syrup will keep for around two weeks in your fridge. I use it for my chai-spiced latte or my homemade quick BBQ sauce.

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Why is date syrup a good natural sweetener?

NutritionFacts.org: Dates are fantastic. No adverse effects on blood sugar or weight, and beneficial improvements in triglycerides and antioxidant stress levels. Concluding that ``dates may be considered as an almost ideal food.``

Date Syrup
This date syrup is great for my chai latte or for my quick hommemade BBQ sauce.
Leave me a comment if you make this recipe. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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