Very Tropical Smoothie (Plant-Based)

Very Tropical Smoothie (Plant-Based)


pineapple (cubed) 1c · 140g

mango 1c · 120g

orange (medium & peeled) 3

banana (small) 1

coconut water 1/2c · 120ml


flaxseeds 1tbsp


1-Œ • In a high-speed blender combine all ingredients.

2- •Blend for about 1 minute on high speed.

3-Ž •Serve immediately with some ice cubes, or store in a glass bottle with a lid in your fridge.


*Use a mixture of fresh and frozen fruit This smoothie lasts up to 3 days in the fridge. You could use chia seeds to substitute for flaxseeds and water/crushed ice as a substitute for the coconut water.


How to make the very tropical smoothie:

very tropical smoothie

Why is this smoothie good for you?

First and foremost flaxseeds, these are of course one of Dr Greger’s daily dozen!

Also, this smoothie is so bright and colourful – surely you know the saying ‘eat the rainbow’. Unprocessed colourful foods are usually the best ingredients you can get. We use the oranges with the pulp and not just the juice, this is an extra bonus. Mangos are high in antioxidants, so are pineapples and and and.

Leave me a comment if you make this recipe. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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