Chai Latte

Chai Latte:


1-2 tsp chai spice mix

1-2 tsp maple/date syrup

1 cup (240 ml) almond milk (oat/soy/coconut)


1- To a small saucepan, add one cup of almond milk (or other plant milk), the chai spice mix and some sweetener of your choice.

2- Warm over medium heat.

3- You can froth the milk with a hand blender, then pour it into your favourite mug.

4- Grab a cosy blanket, a good book and enjoy a mindful moment!



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Why is chai latte good for you?

Firstly, it is dairy-free (vegan) and this version does not contain any caffeine either. ‘Latte’ means ‘milk’. Chai Tea Latte would be a chai-spiced black tea and Chai Coffee Latte a chai-spiced coffee.  In coffee shops, they are usually made with tons of industrial sugar. If you make a homemade blend you can use as much or as little natural sweetener, such as maple or date syrup. Thanks to all the spices you not only get a super delicious drink but a very healthy and beneficial one, too.

Try the chai-spiced golden milk or the chia-spiced nicecream!

Have you used it for other recipes? I would love to hear about this in the comment section!

If you want to print this postcard you can find it here: postcard pdf


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