Postcard Project Chai Latte

The Postcard-Project

Time is precious and the world is moving so fast these days. Time seems to go so fast. What are our values? What are our priorities? We have to choose wisely! I made it my priority to cook from scratch every day. It takes time, but to me cooking is meditation, it’s like creating magic every day!


Speaking of magic, I have just received a big parcel with a special delivery. I’ve created postcards! Let me tell you more about this…

Chai Spice Mix Postcard

…when I was little I loved to play in the woods! We had a big garden with bushes and trees. It’s where I loved to play. I’ve made a DIY kitchen out of branches, stones and leaves. I started to assemble some strange smelling soups and juice since I used mud and water from our tiny puddle-pond. I loved it!

But let’s return to real food. My mum cooked everything from scratch. Of course, like many other children, I was a fussy eater as well. So was my little sister. Mum knew our preferences and made sure to bring something to the table to please both of us. We had hardly any boundaries in our household. I was always encouraged to explore and to create. Still, in Kindergarten I started baking with my mum. Soon I knew the recipe by heart and made the same cake every weekend ‘Marmorkuchen’ for months and years to come.

No worries I’ve explored different recipes in the meanwhile.

One day my mum received a gift from another mum from Kindergarten. It was a jar with a slimy, wobbly batter inside. Attached was a letter. The letter said this is ‘Hermann. He wants to be fed regularly, in return he will grow. Hermann immediately had my attention! We fed him according to the instructions. Just a little flour and a little water and Hermann grew. A few days later Hermann was so big, there was no space left in his jar. It was time to divide Hermann. In the letter, it said we need to keep one jar for ourselves and gift the other jars to our friends. I absolutely love this experience! I loved taking care of Hermann and what I loved, even more, was to gift our Hermann-creations to our friends. So why did we keep one jar? The letter also contained a recipe. With the leftover batter, we then baked a delicious, soft cake. For me, this experience was over way too fast. But luckily only a few months later a new Hermann jar found its way into our house.

Years went by and I still love to bake, create and share my food. So does my mum. Not long ago she called me and told me that new neighbours had moved into the house next doors. My mum made a cake and went to welcome them and to introduce herself. She told me that the cake was very well received: She also mentioned that the neighbours said they couldn’t remember the last time they’ve received a homemade cake.

It’s 2019 – today we have other priorities. Convenience has taken over and we hardly make anything from scratch anymore. Most food comes out of bags, boxes or is ordered from a delivery service. Something I often think about. This is why I have created a simplified version of ‘Hermann’ so everyone can copy this with hardly any effort.

My Chai Latte Postcard Project

I promise you that everyone can do this! All you need to do is pick up some spices and a jar. To make a chai latte combine the spices in the jar and then stir a small amount into some warmed almond milk with a sweetener of your choice. Voila – it’s easy isn’t it? And while you are drinking this warm comforting goodness you can think of a nice person to whom you would like to gift a small amount of the chia spice mix. It feels so good to share something you made yourself! Trust me!

In the end, we will remember the memories we've made!

I still remember my ‘Hermann’ experience today. I was in Kindergarten at that time. Yet, I cannot recall any time we bought sourdough or a boxed cake from the shops. Maybe we did, but it was surely not exciting enough for me. What I can remember however is the experience when I was taking care of Hermann and gifting the jars to other people.

Let’s see if you will remember how you’ve made your chai mix and gifted it to another person in a few years! Maybe you even make a Chai-Spiced Golden Milk or a Chai-Spiced Nicecream for the first time.

If you want to print this postcard you can find it here: postcard pdf


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