Plant-Based Spicy Tomato Smoothie

What a wonderful start to the year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I was overwhelmed to see my family and good old friends! We really enjoyed our holidays back in Germany this year.

We’ve enjoyed some delicious food in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Although the vegan/plant-based wave is not quite there yet, I can see some small changes. Berlin is at the forefront followed by Munich and Frankfurt. Most restaurants customised my food on request. I can’t wait for the big changes in the years to come and I am so excited!.

My absolute favourite part was sharing meals with my family and friends. I had wonderful conversations about my blog, made new friends and was boosted to grow my blog further now. Back on the plane to Stockholm, I worked on my to-do list to set my new goals and aspirations. My next focus will be a magazine with 9 delicious smoothies. Then a granola/energy-ball/muesli-bar magazine and one with savoury sauces. I will definitely not get bored during the next weeks.

Philip made a New Year’s resolution this year. He permanently wants to join my plant-based meals from now on. You will see me working like a badass over the next weeks. I really want to convince him that plant-based food can taste amazing and will make him feel better. During the last days, I have worked on recipes for 3 green, 3 red and 3 yellow smoothies. I will amend them over the next weeks. Once finalised I’m going to post the results here on my blog. I will also create an e-book and printout of all 9 smoothies in English and in German. Last time I published my magazine with blurb. Although the print out looks absolutely stunning, the shipping costs were too expensive. I’m going to publish the next magazine on Amazon this time, with hopefully lower printing and shipping costs.
Plant-Based Spicy Tomato Smoothie

Today’s Recipe: Plant-Based Spicy Tomato Smoothie 


1can – plum tomatoes (400 ml)

½ – green apple

½ cup- chopped carrots

2/3 cup- chopped celery

½ – lime (peeled – white skin removed)


Lime zest (of 1/2 lime)

3 – basil leaves

1 piece – ginger

cayenne, black pepper, salt to taste

½-1 cup – crushed ice


In a high-speed blender combine all essential ingredients. Top up with all optional ingredients to flavour your smoothie to your taste.

Blend on high speed until you reach the desired consistency. Taste and adjust the seasoning if required.

Garnish with herbs, salt flakes and freshly ground pepper.


If you have a high-speed blender, you can toss in the entire half lime. Otherwise, squeeze out the juice. Add a splash of water if your smoothie turns out too thick. You can make a bigger batch and store the leftovers in the fridge for a couple of days. Pour in a freezable bottle or container to store it in your freezer. Take it out the night/8h before you plan to drink it to thaw.

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This smoothie is a real immune booster!
Celery: Is a good source of fibre, reduces high cholesterol and contains ‚good‘ salts. But the list really is endless.
Ginger: Contains B6, folate, boosts the immune system, fights bacterial infections.
Limes: Are an excellent source of Vitamin C, they stimulate secretion of digestive juices and stimulate bowel activity.
Leave me a comment if you make this recipe, I am looking forward to receiving your feedback!
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