Plant-Based Baked Sweet Potato Falafel

Nutritious and delicious! We love them because they tase so unique. P.s. they taste even better when you freeze and bake them a second time! Making a big batch = a real a time saver!

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There are no words for this recipe. We have never had any better tasting falafel in our lives! Even my husband who usually turns his nose up at sweet potatoes just sneakily ate half of the tray!
Sweet potato:
Simply pop it in the oven at 180°C/350 °F. You don’t need any foil or anything else, just place the potato on a baking tray. The sweet potato will be ready and soft after 45-60 minutes. To test the softness insert a wooden skewer near the centre. You can also place the baked potato halves back into the warm oven. This way the sweet potato will steam out and the falafel-mix won’t turn too wet. (You could also microwave the sweet potato cubes.)
Caramelized garlic:
As easy as pie. Slice off the tips of one whole bulb (this way you can easily squeeze out the caramelized cloves). Put the garlic upside down in a baking dish. Put it next to the sweet potato in the oven (180 °C/350 °F) for about 40 minutes. Take it out before it turns to dark. Squeeze cloves out as soon as they have cooled down. Keep them with some salt (and olive oil) in a mason jar. Eyeball 1 teaspoon for 1 clove.
I used canned chickpeas for this recipe or cook them from scratch.
The mixture is very wet. You might be able to form them with your hands but an ice-cream scooper might do a better job.


I hope you do enjoy this recipe and I am very much looking forward to your comments, feedback, or ideas.

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