Plant-Based Cut-Out Christmas Cookies

Here is a little foretaste: this is one out of the 9 Plant-Based recipes from my cookbook. This is not a classical Christmas Cookie, it’s a `superfood-cookie´. On the other hand, it is a typical Christmas cookie, as this is a `cut-out cookie´with a glaze.

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Love it or hate it. Philip reaches for all the other 8 cookies first before he nibbles on one of those, because it’s not a typical Christmas cookie. I have to say its certainly not a sugar cookie and this is why I love it! Actually, I admire it! Mainly because I was looking for a cookie that maintains its shape and doesn’t crumble. Also, it should be plant-based to suit all nutritional and allergic needs so everyone can enjoy the holiday season with a Christmas cookie! And I made it! An industrial-sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free, flour-free and oil-free cookie. Looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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And this is just one of the many other Christmas Cookies I have created over the last weeks. I am so excited to share them in my videos and also all recipes are available in the blurb store (and the iTunes Store soon).


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my eBook
I am working on my next recipe book at the moment and I am looking forward the receive your comments, feedback and ideas for this or future projects.
plant-based 9 gesunde Plätzchen
plant-based 9
Von Kathrin Künzler, K…

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