Plant-Based Cashew Milk & Cashew Cream

I love cashew milk & cream, because it’s so super convenient!

This post is for my soulmate, Kelsey! I miss cooking up a storm with you. I am missing your guts even more. Tell me – why do we have to live so far apart from each other?
My best friend Kelsey is the kindest person in the world! She is marreid to Chris and mum of two sausage dogs. When it comes to cooking she tends to underrate herself – but the truth is she is also an amazing chef. And chefs need cream on a weekly basis. I know you love cream Kelsey – I will tell you the trick so you basically cannot live without this plant-based cream anymore.
So first things first: You will need to soak your cashew nuts in water overnight. Discard the water, because it contains phytic acids. (We need to get rid of it in order to be able to absorb the cashew’s minerals properly.) Next, blend them with water.
My rule of thumb: To make cashew milk you will need 1 part cashews and 2-3 parts water. To make cashew cream you will need 1 part water 2 parts cashews. And finally: no straining! Yes, I know – should have told you at the beginning as you love the convenience, too!
Miso paste, caramelized garlic & a pinch of salt.
Vanilla, dates and dash of cinnamon.



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