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Nutritious & delicious – I create plant-based recipes here on my blog. Some recipes are vegetarian and some are vegan.

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VegetarianVeganPlant-Based ? What the heck … ok, now I’m confused!
What’s the difference? Is there a difference at all? What’s the healthiest lifestyle for me? Why is it the healthiest lifestyle choice?
Long story short: the differences between vegetarian, vegan a plant-based are:
plant based veg vegan
All three: avoid meat, in addition:
  • Vegans: avoid animal products (dairy, eggs, honey etc.)
    • Plant-based: eaters avoid animal products, plus refined/processed foods (certain oils, margarine, industrial sugar, white flour etc.).
I am vegetarian for quite a long time now (I started when I was 12 or 13 years old). My husband Philip is very much the opposite. Does this make me a healthier person? No!
I suffered very bad headaches when I was a small child and had various allergies, both of which got better as I turned older. But I was always struggling with acne-like skin issues. Philip on the other hand always struggled with his weight and still does.
It was him who suggested to try out the plant-based diet. Surprising and a bit scary, since he usually eats a lot of meat, poultry and fish along with all the dairy products, eggs etc.
As I said, being a vegetarian and recently avoiding dairy products and eggs still does not automatically make me a super healthy person. I need to cut down on: pastries, cakes, cookies and dairy products like ice-creams etc. So what the heck are you supposed to eat on a plant-based diet?
In order to focus on what I can eat rather than what I can’t, I have created the following grocery list. I am very optimistic as it turns out that there are a lot of options available! Take a look yourself:

Plant Based Grocery List: ‘What to eat on a plant-based diet?’

Evernote Link

Now I am challenged to learn which plant-based substitutes or alternatives actually work with my traditional recipes. Such as making a flax egg in baked goods or using black salt or noosh for the cheesy taste in sauces. I know how to cook – but I need to become an expert in how to cook plant-based and I will take you along on this journey.
My favourite plant-based recipes so far:






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Journey means I am learning something new every day. If you know a good source of information about sweeteners and oils – please tell me about it. This is a topic I am curious about.


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What have you learnt so far? And what do you want to find out next?
Let me know! I am looking forward to receiving your comments.

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