Tahini Granola (plant based – no industrial sugar)

I want to share this recipe for my homemade tahini granola – it is a hit!

The tahini granola is sweet – not too sweet – really delicious, crunchy and flavourful. It contains all sorts of superfoods to start off with the right level of energy in the morning – it is super empowering indeed.




So Philip had this idea to go on a plant-based diet during the weekdays. Now, I am on the lookout for healthy and tasty dishes to keep his taste buds satisfied. Breakfasts are super important, because they can make a real difference to our whole day. With an empowering breakfast, we will be perfectly prepared for all tasks ahead.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-04 um 17.26.07
Tahini Granola – Recipe Card


Philip enjoyed it with half of a sliced banana and some hemp seed milk. I love granola on top of my oat yoghurt, shredded sweet potatoes and chia jam.



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