Quinoa Sweet Potato Bowl

This is my super easy and super healthy breakfast routine! This recipe is a win win and one of my best tried favourites!

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First-win: You can pre-prepare it for the week, meaning less hassle in the mornings so you can even grab it on the go for work!
Second-win: Quinoa is super healthy no doubt, plus the raw sweet potato adds some additional nutrients to this dish. Even my sweet potato hating husband loves this breakfast. Such a win!



I discovered quinoa during my time in Canada and fell in love with it from the start. The nutty taste and delicious simple meals I could make from it during my busy schedule were certainly the start of the love affair!While looking for a partner ingredient to this recipe, I stumbled across another of my old favourites, the sweet potato.Sweet potatoes, you either love them or hate them! Adding cooked sweet potato to this recipe created a more baby like taste, and that was not quite what I was going for. I was wondering if there was a way to incorporate tasty sweet potato into my diet and more importantly, how to sneak it into my husband’s diet who hates them, since sweet potatoes are full of goodness!

Coupling the quinoa with raw sweet potatoes adds a different flavour and texture to the dish, a simply delicious start to the day!




I have to admit that I was skeptical when I heard about the consumption of raw sweet potatoes. After doing my research i found that it is absolutely safe to consume raw sweet-potatoes! But you will be positively surprised by this twist.

I usually double or even triple the ingredients (depending on the size of my sweet potato). The reasoning behind this is because it’s so simple to freeze and defrost the sweet-potato & quinoa base. I  divide some of the base among 4-5 bowls/mason jars and top them with different fruit, seeds and nuts. This makes the perfect ‘grab and go’ breakfast for busy mornings.
If you need some tips on how to cook fluffy quinoa, here are my instructions:  Fluffy Quinoa Basic Recipe
I use oat or nut milk and some added vanilla and cinnamon for flavour.



This breakfast is super healthy and empowering. You can easily pre-prepare it and take it to work.

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Add sweeteners of your choice (maple syrup, agave syrup, dates).
Pre-prepare in mason jars for your takeaway breakfast.
Add any kind of milk.

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