Kat’s Best Carrot Cake Ever

Version 2

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Version 2


I immediately fell in love with Philip and we fell in love with carrot cake during the first year of our relationship. We spent this time in London and I clearly remember the Autumn atmosphere and lots of rainy days. These days called for carrot cake! We escaped from the coldness and wetness outside and enjoyed every heart-warming bite of this treat. The combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger was so comforting and was just what we needed to warm up inside during those cold days. This was London.




While studying for his master’s degree, Philip stayed in a teeny tiny apartment. I got a job as an au-pair and was living with my au-pair family so we couldn’t make many homemade dishes during that time. We didn’t even own an oven in our first apartment where we moved a few months later. But carrot cake was readily accessible in each and every supermarket around London. So I had to create the perfect recipe in order to make homemade carrot cake once we moved elsewhere, and hopefully with an oven!
After lots of research and many carrots cake attempts later, I developed my favourite best-ever carrot cake recipe. An incredibly moist cake with an incredibly delicious cream cheese frosting (and filling).
The cake layers can easily be pre-prepared one day ahead (same for the frosting), which means less of the hassle.
If you love frosting then you might want to double the frosting ingredients. 



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Kat’s Best Ever Carrot Cake – Recipe Card


4 decoration ideas:
– Decorate with fondant carrots.
– Shave a fresh carrot to create carrot peels – cook them in sugar-water (15 min) – dry in the oven and decorate your cake – sprinkle with chopped pistachios for the best colour contrast.
– Spread the entire frosting between the layers & cover the cake with a separate sugar glaze (water & icing sugar) or even chocolate ganache.
– Cut into squares and serve them. (Petit four cut)


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