How to cook: Perfect, Fluffy Quinoa

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What should I eat first thing in the morning? I was looking for a healthy, delicious and filling option. It should strengthen and empower me for the day ahead.


My quinoa love-story started in Canada, where I lived as an au-pair for 6 months. We went out on a grocery run to Costco and my au-pair mom, Cori, grabbed a huge package of quinoa and said ‘we should try this one day’. She actually had never tried it herself but knew I would figure out what to do with it. I researched some recipes and I immediately fell in love – love at first sight so to speak… Ever since quinoa has been my breakfast routine 5 out of 7 mornings.


Quinoa is literally a superfood. Whether you serve it as muesli, cooked in milk and flavoured with cinnamon and dash of vanilla; or if you decide to make a savoury dish, cooked in a  vegetable stock – its always a winner. I eat it for my breakfast because it is very filling and empowers me at the same time to go that extra mile. I get a lot of work done in the mornings and it doesn’t make me tired or feel bloated all day, as other breakfasts do.


My no-fail secrets:
– 1 part quinoa and 2 parts liquid.
– Soak or wash the quinoa seeds before you boil them, to remove bitter compounds.
– Next, rinse and add the liquid and bring to a boil.
– Simmer for just a minute and then turn off the heat.
– If you have more expertise you might want to cook it without a lid, but my no-fail version always turns out perfectly with the lid on.
Once cooked you will spot the, what I call, ‘tail around the translucent seed’, this is the sprout and it means the quinoa is ready.


How to cook Perfect Fluffy Quinoa
How to cook: Perfect, Fluffy Quinoa
1o Topping Ideas:
– vanilla
– cinnamon
– cardamom
– maple syrup
– dates
– agave syrup
– seeds
– nuts
– goji berries
– coconut chips


Or eat with some pumpkin puree and watch my first video for the next recipe idea.
Also, search for my ‘raw sweet potato & quinoa muesli‘.



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