Easy Homemade Plant Milk: Oat Milk

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I have been a vegetarian for over half of my life now, but I always ate dairy products. However, I have just learnt the painful truth about diary lately. Once you know those facts you might end up looking out for substitutes just like me. An excellent alternative for dairy milk is plant milk.
I found the following video, which is not for sensitive viewers, but pretty much sums up what I have learnt about cows milk. The harsh truth behind milk makes me want to omit cow’s milk out of my diet completely. The video is not for everyone and hard to digest, so please view with caution. If you are interested you can also inform yourself with your own research.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-04 um 07.08.37.pngVideo Link: About Dairy

Oat milk is not only healthy but also very convenient to use, easy to make and not overly pricey, too. Homemade is always the better option because you can be absolutely certain where your ingredients come from and that you won’t have any additional, unnecessary additives such as stabilizers. Plus, plant milk is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Most recipes recommend soaking the oats overnight to eliminate phytic acid (an antinutrient that binds important minerals preventing your body from fully absorbing them) and discard the soaking water. I then usually rinse them in a sieve before I add clear water and blend the final product. It is up to you to strain the milk after the blending process, you can well use the milk without straining it. Just shake it well before using it. 

Easy Homemade Plant Milk: Oat Milk

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Add vanilla extract for flavour.
Add sweeteners of your choice (maple syrup, agave syrup…).
Use the leftover pulp for your porridge or add it to smoothies and shakes!
Use the leftover pulp as an exfoliator.

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